Go here instead.

Why don’t you guys go here instead? It’s chock full of DLC reviews.

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Go here instead.

Why don’t you guys go here instead? It’s chock full of DLC reviews.

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A long belated post….

Mic check. Is this on? Hello. Hello…

 I’ve been a terrible blogger: amid working to the bone till deadlines, watching my 401k drop quite precipitously and hoping that it will rise again, and watching people get married I guess the blog was the last on my mind. /end_sad_excuse_for_being_a_luddite

Internet, as you can see, I’ve been playing Burnout – massive amounts of it alongside Lego Star Wars and Lego Batman. I’ve had the pleasure to friend some readers from here on the good ol’ PS3 and perhaps soon enough the gaming stars will align and we shall get some sort of game-on of some type. Meanwhile, I’ll forge along and try to get my first platinum trophy before my up and coming birthday.

Otherwise, lets get back into the groove of things. Did I mention I met Yoshitaka Amano? You know, the guy that created the image known from most Final Fantasies? I did, didn’t I? He drew a moogle for Mr. Geek, but what did he draw for me? Ahhh let’s see:

 The convention went well, but was quite small relatively to some past cons I’ve been to. I’m really out of the groove of things when it comes to things anime, but nonetheless I had a fun time. I mean, where else can I see storm troopers shop for kimonos, storm troopers with kitty ears, and three knights from Castle Crashers?

..and no, I did not dress up.

Here’s some rumors to feed into the rumor mill, as I get back into the groove of updating and maintaining this blog:

  • A fellow press member from a panel (you can hear him next to me in the video) that I attended brought to my attention that Yoshitaka Amano had directed a part in this movie that is soon to be released state side called 10 Nights of Dreams. It is called Yume Jūya in Japanese and you can hear more about it in this video:
  • Amano is also rumored to be hired as a character designer for an upcoming Ubisoft title called Beyond Good & Evil 2 that will come out for Xbox 360 and PS3. Since this is just rumored, I cannot confirm it.

You can watch the video of the panel I attended after the jump.

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So I should post…

Excuses excusseeeesss. Shame on me! What with a day job and everything else I can only manage to scourge up this…

…an image taken of a moogle that was drawn by none other than Yoshitaka Amano himself courtesy of Mr Geek. I should have more pictures up (including what he drew for me) and stories (OH STORIES) to tell in the next post. Stay tuned!

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